Security is serious business, not a joke

Internet World 2020-08-01 15:20:41

He Dian, deputy director-general of the Department of Public Security in Jilin province, has ironically become an online sensation after a book he wrote, Security Mantras, was ridiculed on social networking sites.

The 10-chapter book has a running theme, security. So, it deals with the security of the universe; security for a place such as Beijing Railway Station; security for human age starting from birth to 100 years old and security for the realty sector.

Although He might have an understanding of how security works, it certainly cannot be achieved by just repeating the word safe like a mantra. Thousands of people including police officers are working hard every day to ensure public security. As the deputy head of a provincial-level Department of Public Security, He should have known better than writing such a laughable book.

With discussions on the book going viral and people asking more questions, the department responded saying He's book was written during his spare time and he had no time for interviews.

However, found that several local media outlets had reported He reading out from his book at a cultural event. The media outlets are public resources. Did they cover the event because of the influence He wields? Would they have wasted their time covering it were it not for He's position?

The book was said to have been published by the People's Publishing House, but the latter rejected the claim on its Sina Weibo account on Tuesday. Then who published it? Is the book illegal?

All these questions need answers. The Department of Public Security in Jilin would do well to ensure he takes time out to answer them.


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