Nioh 2 Free Update And Paid Tengu's Disciple DLC Now Available

Internet Games 2020-08-01 14:16:34

Developer Team Ninja has released a new update for Nioh 2, Update Version 1.11, on PlayStation 4. Along with the free update--the lengthy patch notes are outlined below--is the release of the game's first paid DLC, The Tengu's Disciple.

Part of Nioh 2's $20 USD Season Pass, The Tengu's Disciple takes you to the wartorn coastal region of Yashima, where you travel back in time to meet various characters during the Heian period (794-1185). In other to play The Tengu's Disciple, though, you must finish Nioh 2's entire 50-plus-hour campaign.

The DLC introduces several new missions across its campaign, a brand-new weapon, more difficulty settings, extra armor and skills, and more. The Tengu's Disciple is the first of three major expansions for Nioh 2, and it can be purchased individually for $10 USD from the PlayStation Store. The other two pieces of DLC have not been dated yet.

In addition to the paid expansion, Update Version 1.11 brings a host of changes to Nioh 2. A new feature called the "Demon Parade Picture Scroll," in which scrolls dropped from enemies defeated in missions allow you to become stronger, has been added. There are also new Ninja and Onmyo Magic skills, additional character customization options, "enhanced features" (like an inventory increase and automatic ammunition replenishment after death or praying at a shrine), and much more. Of course, this latest update also fixes several bugs, including issues with the Ki guage, skills, and others.

Full Nioh 2 Update Version 1.11 Patch Notes

Additional Paid Content: The Tengu's Disciple

  • New Yokai and Soul Cores have been added.
  • New Guardian Spirits have been added.
  • New Weapons and Armor have been added.
  • New Art of Combat skills have been added.
  • New Gestures and Transformations have been added.
  • New Trophies, Titles, and Play Records have been added.
  • New special effects and set bonuses for equipment can have been added to the new difficulty "Dream of Demon."
  • Free Update

  • New Ninja Skills and Onmyo Magic Skills have been added.
    New character creation options for hairstyles, facial markings, and body markings have been added, along with a setting for the bathing action.
  • Enhanced Features

  • Expanded "Character Creation Code List" in Appearance to show "Times Used."
  • Expanded the Blacksmith's Refashioning service to show a before and after of the weapon's equipped appearance.
  • Added a function that allows you to replay the voice of an obtained Soul Core in the Yokai Illustrations.
  • Added "by Attunement Cost" to the available sorting options in the "Soul Core" tab on the items screen.
  • Added an explanation of Yokai Abilities to the details screen of Soul Cores.
  • Added "Weapon" and "Armor" tabs to Soul Matching when selecting materials.
  • Made it possible to transfer Soul Cores to the warehouse using the "Manage Soul Cores" option at the Starting Point Shrine.
  • Made a quality-of-life improvement so that you can also hold down the key to scroll within the "Tools" tab.
  • It is now possible to select the parameter to prioritize after selecting "recommended placement" in the Tea Utensils section of the Remodel Hut feature.
  • Added the following functionalities to Photo Mode.
  • Introduced a quality-of-life change so that when offline, the game will now pause in the background if the PS4’s home screen is open. (Caution: This functionality will not take effect while online or when matching with a summoned Visitor.)
  • Balance Adjustments

  • Adjusted the ease of accumulation, and the recovery limit for the Yokai Ability Gauge in accordance with the changes made to the filling and depletion of the Yokai Shift Gauge.
  • In Feral Yokai Shift, successfully evading an enemy's attacks will now generate Amrita.
  • Guardian Spirit and Soul Core special effects will now remain active after the end of the Yokai Shift and until the Amrita Gauge begins to accumulate.
  • Adjusted the movement which occurs when pressing the Change Stance button after having hit and warped towards an enemy with "Blood Moon."
  • The Sentience Gauge and Awakened State of yokai weapons will no longer increase or be depleted while Yokai Shift.
  • Difficulty Level Related Adjustments
  • Player Action Related Adjustments
  • The Break stat for the following Yokai Abilities has been decreased:
  • Enemy and Ally Related Adjustments
  • Effect and Status Ailment Related Adjustments
  • The effects of "Auto-Recovery (Critical)," and the Rejuvenation Talisman will no longer stack.
  • Increased the Anima bonus for the special effects, "Anima Bonus (Enemy Scorched/Saturated/Corrupted/Poisoned)."
  • Decreased the chance of nullifying damage with the Soul Core special effect "Nullify Damage (Yokai Shift)."
  • Special effects activated by grapple will also be activated by the following grapples:
  • When a fire arrow from the Skeleton Warrior Yokai Ability hits an enemy, the special effect related to hitting with ranged weapons will now be activated.
  • Decreased the growth rate of the Honda clan’s crest protection "Active Skill Damage" to match the growth rate of other clans’ Active Skill damage buffs.
  • Increased Crest Protection values for the following clans: Oda, Tokugawa, Toyotomi, Sanada, Ishida, Otani, Azai, Maeda, Tachibana, Kikkawa, Otomo, Shibata, Hojo, Takeda, Kitabatake, Murakami, Niwa, Ashikaga, Ukita, Asakura, Sho, Ikeda, and Araki.
  • Other Adjustments
  • Bug Fixes

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