The King’s School, Canterbury welcomes its first graduates in SZ

Internet Culture 2020-07-29 06:53:28

The King’s School, Canterbury welcomes its first graduates in SZ

Students of the third grade of kindergarten from The King’s School, Canterbury Shenzhen International attended a graduation ceremony with their family on Monday in Nanshan District.

As the first graduates of the school, which starts admission in autumn last year, they were regarded as “pioneers walking in thick snow” by Geoff Cocksworth, founding executive principal of the school.

According to Cocksworth, students have received an all-round education and have been given freedom and full respect to initiate their creativity and have various experience.

At the ceremony, students received graduation certificates and presents, and performed songs and dances on stage.

The King’s School, Canterbury was established in the 6th century. It is thought to be the oldest continuously operating school in England and Europe. The school was re-founded by King Henry VIII in 1541 and hence was given the name “The King’s School.” Its Shenzhen international school opened last year, aiming to provide K-12 education. Its primary and secondary schools are expected to open in September 2020 and 2021. (Tan Yifan)


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