Baguang Nature School launches nature tour

Internet Culture 2020-07-29 06:53:16

Baguang Nature School launches nature tour

Baguang Nature School has launched a series of interpreted nature tours to explore the ecosystem of intertidal zones.

The first event of the series was held on July 18 with guidance from Wang Bing, an expert on ocean ecology and visiting professor of College of Life Sciences and Oceanography of Shenzhen University.

“Baguang has a wide array of creatures. It has 141 species of mollusks from 50 families of three different classes and 17 crab species from five families,” said Wang.

A total of 20 children from Baguang Community attended the tour. With explanations from Wang, they learned a lot about the animals and plants of Baguang’s intertidal zones.

“We found many animals today, such as Perna viridis, fiddle crabs and hermit crabs. We also learned that the fruits of silver-leaf trees are like dumplings, and stony corals are animals under the second-class state-level protection,” said Wei Junfeng, who will attend primary school this September.

In addition to the tours across intertidal zones, Baguang Nature School will launch more nature touring routes to promote science education. In August, it will recruit 30 volunteers from the public to form up a team of tour interpreters. (Lin Lin)


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