Unusual PE courses set in universities

Internet Culture 2020-07-29 06:53:14

PE courses of various kinds in the Universities are very attractive to the students, especially those who just enter the university. In spite of the traditional courses like soccer and basketball, some universities have their unique PE courses.

These fancy courses are the most popular ones beside the professional courses. In the courses, student can not only earn their credits but also have a great time.

Northwest University (NWU) offered “tree-climbing” as a special PE course to their students. It has become a very popular course. The trees used in the course are usually at the height of 10 to 15 meters and the diameter of them should be more than 10 centimeters. Teachers will check out the trees personally before class.

Fall-proof device will be all set and students need to wear helmets, goggles, long shirts, trousers and safety boots before climbing the tree.

Xiamen University has been famous for its colorful PE classes. In addition to special courses as tree-climbing and golf, Xiamen University also opened a “stand up paddle surfing” course which enables students to experience the pleasure of “floating on water” in the new academic year.

But for some students who are overweight, PE courses are usually their nightmare. In order to help them lose weight, Nanjing Agriculture University (NAU) offered a “fat-losing” course to them.

Students from NAU can lose their weight while getting credits. The fat-losing course is only available for students whose BMI is over 28 or whose body fat rate is over 30 percent.

After the students are enrolled, their blood lipids and other indicators will be taken for comparison at the end of the course. A student has successfully lost 25 kilograms within two semesters.

Although these PE courses sound unusual, they are close to our daily life. Even they are not as important as our professional courses, it will be a wonderful memory for you to learn such skills during your college years.

(Zhang Zhiqian)


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