Cache 4-H plans 'Cooking 101' livestream event for kids

Internet Education 2020-07-18 06:52:41

As households look for ways to supplement online and at-home school activities during Utah’s COVID-19 classroom closure, Utah State University Cache County 4-H will host a cooking demonstration livestream on Monday for children ages 5-11.

Alisha Straatman, the Cache County 4-H director, will be teaching “Cooking 101,” a basic cooking class in which children will learn about various utensils and their purposes.

“We’re going to start with the different cooking utensils you might find in your parents house,” Straatman said. “We’re going to go over things like ‘What does this cheese grater do?’ ‘What is a whisk for?’ ‘What is a spatula for?’ … the idea is just to get kids hands-on in the kitchen.”

According to the Cache County 4-H Facebook page, those who wish to participate in the live stream should have the following utensils ready: a can opener, a cheese grater, a butter knife, a rolling pin, a spatula, a saucepan, measuring spoons, measuring cups, liquid measuring cups, bowls, water, flour, plastic knives, and a vegetable peeler.

Straatman will also demonstrate how to properly measure ingredients, and toward the end of the stream she will go over a simple waffle recipe that children can follow along with.

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“I plan on using ingredients that people should already have on hand, because I don’t want them to go out … more than necessary,” Straatman said.

Although the livestream is a virtual 4-H club meeting, it is open to everyone regardless of club membership.

The stream will start at 3 p.m. on the Cache County 4-H Facebook page,

“This is obviously something we’ve never done before, so it’s going to be a learning experience,” Straatman said. “My hope is to be able to do more of these things, especially as kids are on lockdown.”

Cache County 4-H will also be livestreaming “Planting Seeds,” a basic class on plant life for children ages 5-11 at 3 p.m. Wednesday. For information regarding future live streams and classes, visit the Cache County 4-H Facebook page.


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