Employers, alumni from 11 schools invited to virtual career fair

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Colleges and universities from across the State of Utah are teaming up with the Utah Department of Workforce Services to connect with alumni of Utah schools at the Virtual Statewide Alumni Fair on Tuesday, May 12.

This online virtual fair is a unique way to match job seekers with current openings and is particularly valuable during the challenges presented by COVID-19 adjustments. Since its inception in 2016, this fair has grown to attract over 800 alumni from member schools and over 100 Utah and national employers.

Brandon Street, current president of the Utah Association of Colleges & Employers, said: “The Statewide Virtual Alumni Fair is the perfect event for employers and college graduates to meet virtually and discuss professional opportunities. Employers do not have to filter through applicants to clarify if they have a degree, and graduates do not have to filter through jobs which they could have obtained without their degree. Expectations are clear and opportunity is great.”

Event Details

—Date & Time: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday, May 12.

—Location: Online virtual event at uace.org/statewide-alumni-fair

—Attendees: Alumni from 11 member schools in Utah and employers nationwide

—Website: uace.org/statewide-alumni-fair

The Utah Association of Colleges & Employers began as a loose affiliation of career center directors meeting once or twice a year to share best practices and ensure events and fairs were not held on the same dates. Over time, this group created a unique association, the UACE, which provides statewide fairs, conferences, and training to career practitioners and talent acquisition teams from UACE.

UACE Member Schools include

—Utah State University

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—University of Utah

—Brigham Young University

—Dixie State University

—LDS Business College

—Salt Lake Community College

—Snow College

—Southern Utah University

—Utah Valley University

—Weber State University

—Westminster College


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