Trump Administration Adds 31 Chinese Entities to Blacklist

互联网 创业 2020-05-23

BEIJING, May 22 (TMTPost) The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Friday that another 33 Chinese companies and institutions will be added to a trade blacklist.

“The new additions to the Entity List demonstrate our commitment to preventing the use of U.S. commodities and technologies in activities that undermine our interests,” said Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

This action will prohibit the export, re-export, or in-country transfer of items subject to the Export Administration Regulations to these entities without U.S government authorization.

Among the 33 entities, 24 will be blacklisted for national security concerns and additional nine for human rights disputes with China.

The 24 entities include:
• Beijing Cloudmind Technology Co., Ltd.
• Beijing Computational Science Research Center
• Beijing Jincheng Huanyu Electronics Co., Ltd.
• Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research
• Chengdu Fine Optical Engineering Research Center
• China Jiuyuan Trading Corporation
• Cloudminds (Hong Kong) Limited
• Cloudminds Inc.
• Harbin Chuangyue Technology Co., Ltd.
• Harbin Engineering University
• Harbin Institute of Technology
• Harbin Yun Li Da Technology and Development Co., Ltd.
• JCN (HK) Technology Co. Ltd.
• K Logistics (China) Limited
• Kunhai (Yanjiao) Innovation Research Institute
• Peac Institute of Multiscale Science
• Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.
• Qihoo 360 Technology Company
• Shanghai Nova Instruments Co., Ltd.
• Sichuan Dingcheng Material Trade Co., Ltd.
• Sichuan Haitian New Technology Group Co. Ltd.
• Sichuan Zhonghe Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
• Skyeye Laser Technology Limited
• Zhu Jiejin

The other nine entities are:
• China’s Ministry of Public Security’s Institute of Forensic Science
• Aksu Huafu Textiles Co.
• CloudWalk Technology
• FiberHome Technologies Group and the subsidiary Nanjing FiberHome Starrysky Communication Development
• NetPosa and the subsidiary SenseNets
• Intellifusion
• IS’Vision.